In all destinations we offer a variety of guided excursions and tours on any topic of interest to you. Please, If you want a tour program to be tailored specially for you, send us hints, of what you want to see during your visit, accommodation level, time of travel and the duration of your stay, and we will suggest you the program to satisfy you fully for your money and time. In the cities of staying we will be happy to offer you a variety of optional excursions and tours (see our CITIES page), performances and events.
Please, note that Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian tours can be done in opposite direction too (westbound).
We offer accommodation in the hotels of all categories. In some cities home stay and hostelsaccommodation is also available.
You can take one of our TOURS as a basis and develop your own route with any number of nights and any itinerary in the cities of staying. Also, we offer programs with other cities of staying, not only those what mentioned in the CITIES page. Write to us!see also the most popular places of interest in the cities of Russia and Mongolia on our TOURS page.