We are pleased to offer you tours along the world’s longest Trans-Siberian railway, which stretches for almost 10,000 kilometers between Pacific coast of Russia and Moscow. The line was built in 1892-1900 linking Siberia and the Far East with the European part of the country. Traveling by train, tourists cross 10 time zones and observe how the nature is changing on the each part of journey: mountain landscapes are replaced by lakes and the rivers, lakes and the rivers - a taiga, a taiga - desert. It should be seen! The amazing touring programs in every city you visit might be historical, cognitive, ecological and entertaining, whatever tourists want to see and for this reason it will be equally interesting to everybody, irrespective of age. We offer you summer and winter programs. In the summer tourists can choose diving on the world’s deepest and earth’s most impressive natural wonders Lake Baikal (1620 m), or guided rafting on the river Chusovaja in Yekaterinburg and many other exciting tours at the cities of staying. And in the winter - skiing, winter ice fishing and unforgettable winter dog-sledding to rocks Devil's sites of ancient settlement, still more many all interesting, irrespective of a season as in each season there is a charm. We use only firm trains for our clients, that’s why they feel themselves comfortable to travel along Trans-Siberian railway. You have a real chance to get unique experience of the tourist who took part in an enjoyable trip by Trans-Siberian Express, who visited city of Siberia, Pacific coast of Russia, Mongolia, Buryatiya, China. We suggest you visiting Buddhist temples, trying Russian and Asian national cuisine, familiarizing with culture of Asia, Siberia and the Far East, and watching extraordinary beauty of the nature which can not be forgotten. We offer you short information about each city of the Trans-Siberian & Trans-Mongolian railways, tours descriptions, information on train’s timetable and train tickets prices.